Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) Interview

The SIS (Supports Intensity Scale) is an assessment that helps determine what services and supports an individual may need to live in the community. It also determines the amount of funding available for those services and supports. Unlike IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings where you talk about your child’s strengths and needs, in this meeting you are talking about the assistance that your adult son or daughter requires to perform daily activities. The interview can vary in length, but on average you should expect approximately three hours.

Attached are handouts provided to those who attended the SIS Workshop where The Arc Arapahoe Douglas’ Adult Advocate Lee Ray presented.  Click here to view video.

Attached are additional resources for SIS certified interviewers, a quick reference sheet and support level rules.

Download sis-developmentalpathways.pdf
Download sis-explained.pdf
Download sis-handout.pdf
Download applying-for-idd-services-sis-handout.pdf
Download sis-example.pdf
Download certified-sis-interviewers-as-of-6-19-2015.pdf
Download sis-and-support-level-quick-reference-sheet-april-2015.pdf
Download sis-support-level-rules-effective-3-30-14.pdf

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