Therapeutic Instruction for Individuals with Disabilities

Beyond Classroom Walls

Therapeutic Instruction for Individuals with Disabilities

• Community Relations and Adaptations

(middle school – young adults)

Social, behavioral, academic and life skills are reinforced through

community training.

• “Fun”ctional Academics

(middle school-young adults)

Academics and social skills are generalized and reinforced through

real-life themes such as cooking, household safety,

building/assembly and art.

• Successful Social Skills

(middle school-young adults)

Social skills are reinforced through hands-on direct coaching

for friendships, classroom, vocational and community success.

• Social Bunch & Academic Crunch

(younger and older elementary)

Social skills for friendships and classroom interaction are taught

through fun everyday activities such as cooking and art to generalize

and reinforce academic skills.

• Relating Together

(elementary-high school)

Developmental social skill training for identifying and learning emotions,

referencing people, cope with change, improving mental flexibility and

regulating behavior through coached activities and group interaction using

techniques from

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

*Approved for Children Extensive Services (CES)

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