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A New Year ADventure!

By Jonah Berger

Last month, our amazing self-advocates started the new year with an outing at Tom’s Diner. We shared a meal and laughs as we caught up on everyone’s holiday plans. The diner was short-staffed, but the waitress who helped us said that our group was a pleasure to serve!

After enjoying our meal at Tom’s, we joined the free swing dancing class and listened to live music. Some of us held back nervous and others got right in line and started practicing the steps. It wasn’t too long after the music started that those who stood back started to join in on the fun.

The energy in the room was contagious. People from all walks, ages, different abilities were laughing and smiling and enjoying the evening. Another successful outing and definitely an ADventure in Fun and Learning for the self-advocates at The Arc Arapahoe & Douglas.  Don’t miss our next event in February when we head to Parker Arts for an ADventure in Fun at the Theater – RSVP today!

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