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Showing our gratitude to you, our community!

As 2022 comes to an end, we want to show our gratitude to you, our community.

We are grateful that you entrusted us to help you or your loved one. We have learned how creative this community is and how we can bounce back more quickly from adversity.  Our community is resilient – we know how to “hang in there”.  We are aware of our blessings.

One of those blessings has been the dedicated work and passion Carol Meredith has brought to our community. We will miss Carol, as we know you will too, but are grateful for all she, and you all have done to get our community to where it is now. We know we will continue to move forward in ensuring that the rights of people with IDD are respected and protected because of groundwork Carol and countless others have done over the years. Last year continued to be a hard year, with COVID-19 poking around, disrupting events, making things a moving target. We lost more people we care for than we have in years past, making us grateful for the time we had with them and the joy they brought to our chapter. We work hard to notice and appreciate the gifts each day brings us.

Our community can struggle through some difficult challenges, but we won’t forget the good that is in our lives. We get comfort, not only in the big life achievements—such as getting a job, getting much needed supports, finding love, find one’s voice, but also in seeing our community smile, getting a “Hello Hug”, seeing you all be the change you want in our community. We are so thankful for your willingness to share your struggles or pains, your triumphs, your moments of growth, your wants, and dreams with us. We feel gratitude and joy from working with you and appreciate your trust.

In closing out 2022 and beginning a new year, we remain dedicated to our mission to work to include all children and adults with disabilities, and their families, in their communities. We are grateful to be along on this ride we call life with you as we work to better our community, and the world.

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