Transition from High School

  • Step Up! Into Life After High School!TM – It can be a scary time but it can also be a celebration that your child is moving on into adulthood. Being prepare can really help alleviate the anxiety around transitions.
  • Get To Know Transition – The sooner you start to learn about transition, the more you’ll be able to plan ahead for it.
  • Writes Law website – It’s time to begin planning so your child knows what is necessary to prepare for work, further education and independent livingThese articles, resources, and free publications will help.
  • Secondary Transition – Each school district offers a transition program for students 18-21.  This program helps to prepare students for adult life after they leave high school.  It can be a bridge between school adult life, including higher education or training, employment, independent living and community participation.
  • Inclusive Higher Education – The Colorado Initiative for Inclusive Higher Education (IN!) is a service at designated college campuses for students with I/DD who wish to experience higher education.
  • The Transition Process – Transitioning from High School as a Student with a Disability
  • Housing – Where to Live after High School
  • Employment – Finding the Right Job and Succeeding

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