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Living Life to The Fullest with The Two-Way Street

Written by: Jonah Berger

On Saturday, July 18th, our own Two-Way Street Project ventured out into the community once again to lend a helping hand and learn along the way.  Our partner agency this month was The Life Care Center of Littleton, a short and long term retirement care program for seniors.


Our gang of volunteers met up with them and went for a walk in the great outdoors. We were partnered one-on-one with a Life Care resident.


We walked, and talked, and took advantage of the day to learn about each other. What a perfect match between the seniors and our gang. Two groups who deal with stereotyping and being misunderstood.  And yet, when in each other’s company, there is nothing but patience and understanding.


We then sat down with Melissa Brondel, the Director of Recreational Therapy; heard about their program and got to ask a lot of great questions.  We finished with a tour of the building and a conversation about hometowns with some of the residents.


We didn’t want to leave, there was just such a great feeling around the day. We left the Life Care Center inspired by the people we met, and we left them inspired by The Two-Way Street.


As one resident said, “I didn’t come to a place like this to die, I came to Finish living!” An absolute Two-Way Street of wisdom and joy.

Join us next month August 22nd, as we partner with “Sports Made Possible”, a non-profit creating adaptive softball and true community!  For more information and to join the mailing list for the Two-Way Street Project, contact Kim Tenure at The Arc Arapahoe & Douglas Counties at 720-457-1032 or email [email protected].


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