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Returning to the SAME

By Jonah Berger, Two Way Street’s Fearless Leader

Last month, our adventurous gang from the Two-Way Street Project returned to Denver’s own…SAME Cafe.


The acronym SAME stands for “So All May Eat” and the premise is simple. It is a lunch cafe that serves healthy balanced meals to all who enter the establishment. If you can afford to pay for your meal with cash or card, you do. If you cannot afford to pay in traditional ways, you can cover the cost of your meal with time volunteered in the cafe. This wonderful concept results in a restaurant that is overflowing with heart and soul. 

Our gang ate and hung out with Brad who started the Cafe to learn about SAME’s history and mission.


Then, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Cleaning the restaurant after closing. In our wake, we left floors clean enough to eat off of and tables that shined. The hugs at goodbye time were twice as long as last year and Brad told us that we are one of his favorite volunteer groups.


It is always a great time when the Two-Way Street hits the road. We have fun together, we learn together, and we leave people with joy and better understanding everywhere we go.

Please join us on September 24 as we journey to Sports Made Possible for a life-changing adventure in the community.  Contact Kim Tenure to RSVP by email: [email protected] or 720-457-1032.

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