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Sports Made Possible in Two Ways

By Jonah Berger, The Two-Way Street’s Fearless Leader

smp-1During the month of September, the huge-hearted gang from our own Two-Way Street program returned to one of our favorite non-profits to spend a few hours playing America’s pastime. Sports Made Possible is an amazing organization that supports youth with disabilities in a full-blown softball league.

The field is professional quality, the teams are full of amazing athletes who require various levels of support to be able to play. There is an announcer calling the plays and no shortage of fans in the stands to cheer their team on. Our guys were partnered with an athlete and they supported them on the outfield and at bat. This is the second year we have worked with this program and both years have been a true blast.

We continue to build our reputation in the community with every stop we make. We are showing the community how much our gang can help and the amount of unique spirit they bring to any opportunity.تداول عملة الإيثريوم الالكترونية



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