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Thanksgiving and Blessings at The Denver Rescue Mission

By Jonah Berger

On the 21st of November, The Two-Way Street Project self-advocates ventured out to the Denver Rescue Mission.  Our goal was to help feed those dealing with homelessness, and learn about the challenges that these Denverites face.  What better way to truly embrace the heart of Thanksgiving?


Our group of 18 were assigned to help roll silverware for the dining department. We sat at tables in the dining hall to do our work and soon after about 100 men came in to eat lunch.


The essence of the Two-Way Street Project came alive. The homeless men enjoyed our company and we got a kick out of being ambassadors of joy that day.


During our visit, we met a man named Don who took us on a tour of the mission and educated us about the challenges of the homelessness and people who suffer with addiction. We engaged in a edifying conversation and left feeling grateful for our new found knowledge and experience.

There is something very special that occurs when our self-advocates give of their time  and educate themselves about their community in the process.rescue2

If you are not already a part of this wonderful group, sign up to learn more information.  We have plenty of exciting things planned for 2016.  Contact Kim Tenure at 720-457-1032 or [email protected].

Come be a part of the Two-Way Street Project and be inspired, one adventure at a time!

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