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The Arc ADventures in Leadership – Lifecare Center of Littleton Experience

By Jonah Berger

Last week, self-advocates from The Arc ADventures in Leadership ventured out to the Lifecare Center of Littleton to spread their magic and connect with the community.

It was an amazing project. Our gang went right to work in the dining room where the seniors ate their meals.

We cleaned, set tables, stocked condiments and prepared the room for the next meal of the day.

We also connected with the employees and residents of Lifecare, and were greeted with love and appreciation.

On the way out, the manager of the kitchen said to the group, “If all of my employees were as hard-working and delightful as you guys, we would be in great shape!” A wonderful compliment from a wonderful community partner. Don’t miss our outing next month when the gang heads to Red Rocks Amphitheater to assist with clean-up efforts. We’ll get some exercise and keep our national treasure looking its best.  Details coming soon!

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  • Jill Yasskin Posted October 17, 2020 9:02 am

    The Senior community loves volunteers, but now with Covid 19 they are missing out on so many things.. hopefully we can be back visiting and volunteering in the senior community soon.

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