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The Arc ADventures in Leadership – Preserving Local Treasures

By Jonah Berger

Last week, our amazing self-advocates from The Arc ADventures in Leadership, ventured out once again to give back to the community and leave a positive feeling in their wake. We partnered with Cherry Creek State Park to clean up trash and help preserve the swimming beach.

Initially, we met the education director and learned about the history of the park and why it’s necessary for volunteers to help keep the area beautiful.

Then we went to work.

After a while, there was not a spec of trash to be found and we made many new friends on the beautiful sandy shore. As we enjoyed refreshments, we discussed how good it feels to help our community and give of our time.

This is an amazing group and we are always open to new participants! So, join us next month when we partner with The Family Motel on July 13 to support children experiencing homelessness. If you’re interested, please contact Luke Wheeland for more information at: [email protected]. And stay tuned to the Weekly Update for details and information. If you aren’t already signed up to receive updates from The Arc Arapahoe & Douglas Counties, please click here.

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