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The Arc ADventures in Leadership: The Delores Project Experience

By Jonah Berger

This month, our devoted self-advocates from the The Arc ADventures in Leadership wrote another chapter in their book of volunteerism and community.

We had the chance to prepare and serve lunch at The Delores Project, a homeless shelter for women and transgender women in Denver. This was our second time volunteering with Delores and we had a chance to see their brand new location and larger space.

Twelve of our team set up shop in the kitchen and prepared Hamburgers and pasta salad for the 80 residents of the Project. We worked with great pace and teamwork and got everything looking perfect.

We served the lunch line and were greeted with thanks and appreciation. Our self-advocates were living examples of friendship and good will. It was a wonderful success.

The kitchen was cleaned spotless and goodbyes were said and we left The Delores Project like many other programs in our wake. Aware of the ability of our gang, and looking forward to the next time we would cross their path.

Next month, we will hold a session educating our self-advocates on how to make changes in their community on May 11! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – register today:

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