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The Arc ADventures “Into the Woods”!

By: Jonah Berger, The Two Way Street’s Fearless Leader and lover of ADventure:-)

Last Saturday, our ADventuring advocates from Fun Fridays & The Two-Way Street joined together to take in a dose of culture.

(check our cool t-shirts that have The Arc ADventure logo – exclusive to our peeps who participate in Fun Fridays or Two Way Street events)


We visited the Lakewood Cultural Arts Center to see their performance of “Into the Woods”.


A fun group came together and caught up on life in the lobby as we waited to go see the show.  And it was AWESOME!  Funny, musical, and adventurous.


After the show was over, we went to the lobby to meet the cast; it was such a good time. And nice for the two groups to be together for a change.

Don’t miss out on the fun!  Visit The Arc Arapahoe & Douglas’ website to see a list of upcoming ADventures or find The Arc AD on Facebook. #TheArcADventures!!!

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